link dead radio:Driven towards Design

Welcome back Explorers of Entertaining and eloquent essays on all things within electronic entertainment.Missed out in finishing it last week so we have a double dose of awesome this time around.


The Links

Hired goons discusses a few different mechanisms of leveling up


7 days a week is a annoyed by the cc mechanics within Archeage and the, he who cc first wins issue. Makes me think of other cc mechanics and I can’t think of any offhand that do it that well.


Me vs Myself and I believes graphics aren’t everything, something I tend to agree with and yet wonder why is still so prominent


Tyrannodorkus dismisses the current thoughts of the death of mmo’s, and gives his own opinions on the current state of the genre.


I have touched the Sky defends The Secret Worlds combat system and analyzes a few of the usual criticisms.


Soultamer Gaming Takes an interesting look at the current state of Pirate 101


Gaming Sf looks at certain alt unfriendly designs within mmo design.


Tales of the Aggronaut wonders if we could make a better system of factions within mmo’s.


Gamers Decrypted looks at a few reasons why we tend to care about fictional characters




And lastly  the Art of Glitch book is finally completed and up for sale as a PDF version – looks delightful


The Vids

Far Cry Primal

Halo: the Fall of Reach

Mordheim Overview trailer

ESO Orsinium


Unbrella Corps MP Gameplay

Dead star – pew pew space shooter thingy

Murder – cyberpunk adventure game


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