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2017 Indie Advent Calender – Day 7: Rainworld

I’m already going to predict now that 2017 is going to be the year of moody and minimalistic indie games. It’s a style of gameplay and storytelling that has grown strongly after Limbo and after the success of Inside I believe will influence even more developers and indie artists.

It is a lovely style though when done properly belays a dark, oppressive atmosphere and it looks like Rainworld with its detailed pixel art and deranged creatures embodies and highlights this theme perfectly. The world design looks amazing, both detailed but sleek in its design to allow better understanding and movement during gameplay. The backdrops conjure the image of a strange, alien world that you is both terrifying but enticing. The gameplay of play look fast paced and provide a variety of mechanics to solve puzzles and engage with the world.

It just looks to be a beautiful, endearing, and exciting little puzzle platformer.

2017 Indie Advent Calender – Day 6: Ruiner

I love anything and everything to do with cyberpunk. It’s a theme that just intrinsically appeals to me with both the futuristic elements and stories all round post-humanism and Ruiner seems to embody all these elements well. It is also created by former developers of CD Project Red, and hopefully the brilliant design that was behind witcher 3 will be guiding them as well.

It will primarily be a top down shooter with a structure around long missions. Minimal organisation though and more a style of running and gunning, picking up and utilizing what you find during a mission. From what I’ve seen so far from gameplay so far it leads to the game having incredibly fluid movement and an excellent sense of flow.

2017 Indie Advent Calender – Day 5: Night in the Woods

A lovely indie game about the issues and worries of growing up, as well as that existential worry that comes with finding who you are and your place in the world.

Heavy themes for a game but one in which I think they will easily tackle from what I’ve heard so far. It’s also the wonderful anthropomorphic characters that look to create a more creative and engaging story. I just love their art direction as well with the hard edges and bright colours,it creates some really striking backgrounds.

They also have a smaller free game in the same art style called lost constellation if you’d like to play some things no by then right now.

2017 Indie Advent Calender – Day 4: Cook Serve Delicious 2

A little indie game I ended up loving thanks to the insistence of Doone. A game around quit-witted key presses and the extraordinary time management skills. Things I generally fail with but had fun playing nonetheless.

The original had some excellent pacing too between learning the game mechanics, opening up a cafe to ending up with that busy five star restaurant. From only a couple recipes to an endless list of possibilities and I expect this new addition will be all of this and more. The menu items look a lot more refined this time around with more diverse options to pick from, as well as different cuisine choices. They look so much tastier too. I’m guessing many other improvements and additions to the gameplay as well that keep it familiar but still fresh.

2017 Indie Advent Calender – Day 3: Jenny LeClue

Another kickstarter pledge for me that has been deep in development for a long time now and very nearly forgotten. There was a large amount of hype surround its kickstarter and the months afterwards with both the lovely character art but also because of how it’s attempting to reinvigorate the point and click adventure novel in certain ways. Thankfully the end of development is in site and they have been showing more completed versions at recent conventions – to glowing praise.

Now I love the old point and click adventure titles but they are mechanics, and gameplay that feels less refined now and not as enjoyable to play with. We’ve seen some great changes to the genre and format but Jenny LeClue seems to take more of the fundamentals, the true feeling of point and click and refine rather than re-invent those ideals. It’s the age old looking for clues, finding elements in your surrounding and using them effectively. It is a deep story intertwined around the mechanics of uncovering a mystery as a wonderful detective.

The  characters look rather interesting as well with unique personalities that leap out at you just from their overall design. Everything about this game is just charming and wonderful and I can’t wait to enjoy it in 2017. And if you want to check it out now there is a demo build available.

2017 Indie Advent Calender – Day 2: Children of Morta

Yes I’m getting this one out of the way as soon as possible because you’ve already read my recent posts and gorged on my gushing preview. Plus I needz to catch up quick and it’s already fresh in my mind. There is nothing much else to say beyond iterating on the games amazing pixel art and frantic, fluid, and fun roguelike gameplay and mechanics. The narrative design is another reason to be interested too as I believe it may even broaden what roguelike games are capable, and create more engaging rogue-likes because of it.

It’s a indie that even in early access feels like the full package. Polished and full featured and I know I’m going to get many, MANy amazing hours out of it.