The Ruin of Landmark 

News of Landmarks demise is this time, not exaggerated. The call went out a couple days ago that the servers will be closing down in February. Now, unlike what you expect from me there is no rage directed at Daybreak for this decision in fact I think the team and company acted reasonably well as a company.

First is that they gave a failed project a lot more time, resources and development than was really required. Going by player numbers it obviously is profitable to run anymore and the amount it did get from sales is bit a drop in the bucket of the actual development costs. It was a bad game, a bad building playground, and not even close to being a mmo. It was broken, buggy mess that was poorly designed and managed and should never have been released in such a unfinished state. But I guess that is daybreak new business plan after all – release early access husks.

However, I do some level of respect for them as a company with being able to get a refund for my founders pack after a month or two (the actual time eludes me) as many companies wouldn’t do that. Many companies threaten players that may try. This shows to me that it was never intended to be a scam at the beginning, just a dream that blew way out of proportion and slowly evolved into a untameable beast.

My problem is that this little passion project that was supposed to be a mere building tool for EQN but slowly killed the project it was meant to help. I mused on Twitter regarding this thought as I had seen this project grow out of control with its updates and development changing its focus. It was getting mechanics and systems that so obviously wouldn’t help EQN and system overhauls that were taking more resources. It should have just been a bare bones building system – much like the CUBE system of Camelot unchained and left at that.

Now there are reports coming from EQNWire who has compiled a list of developers comments regarding the project and it seems like the idea may have been never to develop EQN, or at least not after landmark become a thing. With the lies around the presentations and Dave Georgesons’ apparent obsession with Landmark and well, it seemed doomed before it even started.

There are some parallels between Landmark and Firefall with the obvious mismanagement and yet, I don’t Hate him for it though as much as I do Kern. He had an idea he loved and didn’t want to let go and focused on it entirely. It wasn’t because he was a raging, unstoppable egomaniac – just detached from the reality of the situation.

I’m sure we’ll hear a bit more about the project as time goes on but for me that will elicit more emotions among the community and its fans  but for me, I already mourned EQN’s end a long time ago.

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  1. That phrase! “Early Access Husks” it so brilliantly describes the current state of what used to be an opportunity to help test an upcoming game. There used to be a sort of community of game testers who you’d see from game to game, recognizeable from their comments no matter the name they used on the forums. I wonder if most of those folks are now buying a spot instead and if they can even keep up with the number of games thrown out for testing as “early access” is so large. I wonder if the developers get any useful feedback from these players. Off topic, sorry! Coffee hasn’t fully kicked in.

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